How to Access the University of Kansas LMS with Blackboard



How to Access the University of Kansas LMS with Blackboard

The University of Kansas (KU) uses a learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard. This system is used by students and faculty to access course materials, communicate with classmates and instructors, submit assignments, and track progress. It is a web-based platform that is accessible from any internet-connected device.

The learning management system used by the University of Kansas, KU, is called KU Blackboard. You may browse course materials, announcements, crucial dates, grades, and more using the Blackboard Learning Management System.

To access accessible courses and MySuccess as a student, sign in to Blackboard using your KU Online ID or non-KU User Account.

How to log into ku blackboard

To log into KU Blackboard, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the KU Blackboard website (
  2. Click on the "Log In" button in the top right corner of the page
  3. Enter your KU Online ID and password
  4. Click on the "Log In" button
How to log into ku blackboard

If you are having trouble logging in, try resetting your password or contact KU IT Help Desk for assistance.

How to list your courses in Blackboard by semester

Students can view all of their current and previous semesters' KU Blackboard courses that they are enrolled in. The course name is a clickable link that takes you to the course if it has been made available to students. The words "not presently available" will appear after the course name if the Blackboard course is not accessible to students.

Before students may access the website and log in, the instructor must make a KU Blackboard course available. If you have any inquiries, speak with your instructor.

You can choose to hide past semester courses and sort your My Courses list by semester:

  1. Login to KU Blackboard.
  2. Put your cursor on the words My Courses, then click the gear icon on the right side. This takes you to the settings page for the list.
  3. The first checkbox is Group by Term. If there is no checkmark in the box, click to select it.
  4. You can stop now and click Submit to save your changes. If you want to hide the courses from past semesters, continue to step 5.
  5. To the left of the semester Term Name click the checkbox to un-check any semester you want hidden. All courses for that semester will be hidden.
  6. You can also hide or reveal individual courses by scrolling down to the complete list of course names.
  7. Click Submit to save your changes.

How to edit ku blackboard notification

  1. From the global navigation menu (your name in the upper right), select Settings and then Edit Notification Settings.
  2. On the Edit Notification Settings page, select the link for Courses I am taking under Bulk Edit Notification Settings to change notification settings for all courses at once.Alternatively, you can make selections for individual courses by selecting a course name under Edit Individual Course Settings. The Current Notification Settings page appears and provides the same options.
  3. Under Settings, select how your notifications are delivered by selecting the check box at the top of a column or by selecting check boxes for individual tools or features. Remove the check mark for any notification that you do not wish to receive.
    • Dashboard – By default, all notification types appear in My Blackboard’s Updates and Posts pages and in course home pages.
    • Email – Email notification messages are sent to your official KU email address.
    • Mobile – Select which notifications you want to appear on your mobile device. Push notifications appear on your device’s screen without having to open the Blackboard Mobile Learn app.
  4. After making your notification selections, click Submit.

Email notifications are turned off by default. If you wish to receive notifications for these course events, you need to select them.

All email sent from KU Blackboard goes to your KU email account. New students automatically get a KU email account. To access your KU email account from any computer, use the Email link in the upper right of most KU webpages or go directly to

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