A Practical Guide to McGill's LMS for 2022



A Practical Guide to McGill's LMS for 2022

The learning management system used by thousands of students at McGill University for online instruction and learning is called myCourses. The platform is a BrightSpace D2L LMS.

Most teachers use myCourses in a hybrid or blended way, i.e., to supplement instruction that takes place in a classroom. Together, instructors and students may create a learning environment that is very engaging thanks to myCourses.

Only the instructors, teaching assistants, administrators, and students enrolled in the course have access to each course within myCourses.

In order to support collaboration, communication, and assessment among course participants while upholding students' rights to privacy and confidentiality, myCourses offers a secure online environment.

How to log into myCourses

  1. Navigate to mycourses2.mcgill.ca/d2l.
  2. Click on the McGill button to take you to the Microsoft login page.
  3. Enter your McGill student email address (first.last@mail.mcgill.ca.) and click Next.
  4. Enter your account password to log in.
  5. When you log into the myCourses learning environment, the first page displayed is the My Home page.
  6. You can access this page from anywhere in myCourses by clicking the myCourses logo on the top left side of the toolbar.
  7. The My Courses widget shows all courses you are currently enrolled in. If you do not see a list of your studies, there are two ways to display them on the My Home Page:Click on the course icon beside the myCourses logo to see a list of your courses.
  8. Click the View All Courses link. You will see a tile for each of your courses.
  9. For the courses to appear on the My Home page, you can pin your favorite courses by clicking on the three dots icon on the course image and selecting Pin.
How to log into myCourses
There is a navigation bar for each course. The default navbar, which includes links to Content, Discussions, Assignments, Classlist, Grades, Course Evaluations, and Course Admin, is included when new, blank courses are established. The connections to the tools that instructors use in the course can be removed from the navigation bar, though.

The functionality in the mobile version is identical to that in the desktop version. View announcements and other widgets that are accessible on the Desktop version by scrolling down below your courses. To access the navigation choices, tap the menu symbol in the top left corner of the screen.

guidelines for students using MyCourses to take quizzes

  1. Be aware that after 3 hours of inactivity, your session may time out.
  2. Before taking the quiz, you should log out of the session, close the browser window, and log in with a new browser window.
  3. Should a session time out occur or the browser crashes, you can log back in and continue with the quiz, provided the quiz duration has not expired. Navigate to and click the quiz link, then click Continue Quiz.
  4. A wired (LAN) connection may be more reliable than a wireless connection.
  5. Remember to click the Save button after answering each question.
  6. For quizzes that require long paragraph answers, you should save them frequently while composing your response. You may also want to copy your answers into a text editor to maintain a copy of the answer in case of any errors.
  7. Your answers are automatically saved; if you don’t answer all the questions and click on the Submit Quiz button, the system will display a warning to let you know which questions you have not answered.
  8. You cannot save answers after the quiz duration has expired if the teacher applies the Auto-Submit Attempt option. You will be immediately prompted to submit your quiz when the time has expired. If you do not submit, your quiz attempt will be listed as “In Progress”.
  9. Once the quiz time limit and the grace period are over, the system will prompt you to submit the quiz. Clicking OK will allow you to view your answers, but the system will not accept any changes. You will still need to click on the Submit Quiz to submit a completed quiz.
  10. Click the Submit Quiz button on the confirmation page to submit a completed quiz.
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