Customs Liaison Officer Job Opportunity At Total Energies Tanzania



Customs Liaison Officer Job Opportunity At Total Energies Tanzania

One of the seven "supermajor" oil firms, Total Energies SE is a French multinational integrated energy and petroleum corporation that was created in 1924. Its operations span the whole oil and gas value chain, from the exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas through the creation of electricity, the movement of petroleum products across international borders, and the marketing of those products. In addition, Total Energies produces a lot of chemicals.

Total Energies enable France to play a key role in the great oil and gas adventure, Total Energies has always been driven by an authentic pioneering spirit. It has discovered some of the most productive fields in the world. Its refineries have created increasingly sophisticated products and its extensive distribution network has rolled out an ever-expanding range of services.

Here, we'll give you details on the Customs Liaison Officer Job Opportunity At Total Energies Tanzania 2022, including the requirements, duties, and application instructions.

Customs Liaison Officer Job Opportunity At Total Energies Tanzania


  • Application of Safety Managements Systems.
  • Quality Control of products to be within Tanzania quality specifications as per TBS.

Taxes and whaffages

Ensure that All TAXES for fuel are processed on time, Manifest comparisons and whaffage are processed and paid on time to avoid penalty for late payments and delay to evacuate transit parcels.

Close follow up on transit/Transshipment and Customs documentations for TANZANIA/ DRC/BURUNDI/ UGANDA/ RWANDA/ ZAMBIA /and RWANDA related to GAPCO and TOTAL by ensuring completeness and proper files.

are maintained and made available whenever they are needed either internally ,by our customers ,Regulators, Auditors e.t.c

Taxes forecast, assessment and payment

Send Monthly forecast of taxes to treasury and update whenever there is changes, Assessment of Taxes and payment in accordance of customs procedures to avoid GTL/TTL parcels discharged into other depot, and zero penalty for late payments of Taxes.

Whaffage and Additional Taxes

Ensure that Manifest comparisons, Claim of overpaid taxes on fuel , payment of Additional Taxes, payment of whaffages are completed as per customs procedure and timing to avoid penalty and delay of the uplift of transit parcels

Transit Product age report

Closely follow-up on the loading limit day for each transit parcel, Send Age report every Monday to transit customers and supply manager and request for extension from TRA 5 days before expiration of Limit time to avoid
localizing the product and inconveniences to customers. Transit Documentations

Coordinate transit loadings by Ensuring smooth transit loadings by completing Documentation timely and closely follow-up all transit trucks to make sure that validation at the border and bond cancellation is done on time. Communicate pending monthly and action plan to clear them.


Timely processing of Taxes and whaffage on localization, Immediate followup with TRA for bond cancellation on localized product

Custom Queries

  • Ensure that all custom related queries are attended on time including but not limited to Audit Transit documents communication and stocks Reconciliations
  • Timely communicating of all necessary documents for transit customer to be able to confirm and process all the documentation (Outturn, certificate of Quality &qty, Loadings summary, pump over reports etc, Ensure proper
  • reconciliations per vessel with transit customers are completed at the end of each vessel uplift and provide all required documents to transit customers

Notice Of Intention (NOI)

  1. Coordinate with Depots Managers/Supply and Hospitality assistants to ensure All NOI for products received at Gapco and TOTAL are approved by TRA , received and properly filed for customs purpose, This include Our
  2. Hospitality customers
  3. Assist Administration in all pending matters relating to supply sections that may delay the renewal of different licenses e.g. OMC License , Pending Validation of trucks , etc
  4. Records Management and Maintain all records and communications with TRA and other parts related to trading and exports or transit cargo and Local customs.
  5. Attend all other customs related matters for GTL and TTL.
  6. Any Other Job related to your section as may be assigned to you by your superior

Context and environment

  1. Complex market with various regulations, constrained supply system, numerous OMCs. Imports planned 2-3 months ahead so requiring accurate forecasts.
  2. Involve interaction with TRA/PBPA staff during documents processing whereby some are less cooperative
  3. Correctness of all documents which needs concentration as it involves huge amount of money to be paid.
  4. Most of the duties are strictly to specific deadline therefore, needs time dedication

Candidate profile

  1. Bachelor Degree /Advanced Diploma in Tax and Customs related field with experience of 2-3 years
  2. Depot operations knowledge
  3. Products knowledge
  4. Customs procedures on petroleum products importation experience.


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