Opportunity For A Territory Manager At Total Energies Tanzania



Opportunity For A Territory Manager At Total Energies Tanzania

One of the seven "supermajor" oil firms, Total Energies SE is a French multinational integrated energy and petroleum corporation that was created in 1924. Its operations span the whole oil and gas value chain, from the exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas through the creation of electricity, the movement of petroleum products across international borders, and the marketing of those products. In addition, Total Energies produces a lot of chemicals.

Total Energies has always been motivated by a true pioneering spirit, enabling France to play a significant role in the big oil and gas adventure. Some of the world's most fruitful fields have been found by it. Its refineries have produced ever-more complex products, and its large distribution network has offered a wide variety of services.

Here, we'll give you details on the Customs Liaison Officer Job Opportunity At Total Energies Tanzania 2022, including the requirements, duties, and application instructions.

Opportunity For A Territory Manager At Total Energies Tanzania

Job Description

He oversees a profit center under the direction of the Network Operation Manager with the assistance of functional and operational units (customer service, maintenance, SFS, accounting, etc.). He or she is mostly in charge of the service stations he manages.

SFS: shop, washing, maintenance bay, food, programming and promotional operations

Reception / Service / Quality: Top service,

Hygiene / Safety / Environment / Safety of property and of persons

Maintenance: in interface with the maintenance unit, he makes sure that the operator observes the contract terms.

He/she studies, proposes and negotiates the economic aspects of the contracts within the framework of their installation, of their renewal or of annual renegotiation (working capital required, operating account forecast).

He/she controls and wards off the financial risks by making a monthly check on the manager’s financial health (financial situation) and analyzes the economic and commercial performance levels (actual operating account).

He/she proposes and implements the action plans required for optimizing results.

He/she proposes and implements the continuing training plan for all station staff. He prepares and proposes a promotion policy for Young Dealers.

He/she implements a competition and sectorial watch; identifies and characterizes possible prospects, analyzes the competition.

Context and environment

  • Complexity of the business relationship vis-à-vis managing tenants (CODO) holding independent trade status.
  • Highly competitive environment (increasing activity of independents, parallel market).
  • Demanding when it comes to financial aspects (major stakes).
  • Increased attention to environmental problems / sustainable development.
  • Works 80% in the field / frequent night time visits.

Candidate profile

  • Bac+3/4 level (secondary school graduation + a further 3 or 4 years of education)
  • Autonomy, organization (ability to hierarchize events), strict approach, feeling for business and for customer service.
  • Analytic mind, reactivity, availability.
  • Ability to listen and communicate, managerial potential.
  • Field man / woman.

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