Detailed Instructions for LaTrobe LMS, StudentOnLine, and Email


Detailed Instructions for LaTrobe LMS, StudentOnLine, and Email

The learning management system used at La Trobe University is called LaTrobe LMS, and it is based on Moodle LMS. It doesn't matter whether you call this system the "LMS" or "Moodle"—it is the same system.

The LMS is an online learning environment that enables you to find study resources and activities from any place with internet access.

  • Use your student "username" and "password" to log in to all La Trobe online systems. For La Trobe systems, your username is

  • The learning resources and activities for your study are found in the learning management system (LMS).
  • You may access and edit your enrollment information and personal details via StudentOnLine. It's a location where you can:

  1. purchase a "Statement of Account"
  2. modify your enrollment
  3. Obtain an unofficial transcript and pay your tuition.
The username for your student email account is distinct from the ones used for other La Trobe services. To log in, use All university communication is done through your student email account. Be sure to regularly check your student email account for important information.

How to Logging into the LaTrobe LMS

To use the LaTrobe LMS,

  1. Visit to get there.
  2. The Login button is on the left.
  3. Enter your username on the login page.
  4. After that, click the next button and input your password to access your LaTrobe LMS account.
How to Logging into the LaTrobe LMS

The LaTrobe LMS on mobile devices

It is advised to utilize the Moodle app in order to access the LaTrobeLMS from a mobile device. The AppStore (for iOS) and PlayStore both provide this app (for Android). To connect the app to the La Trobe LMS after installation, type the following address:

Your profile photo in LaTrobe LMS

The LaTrobe LMS has been updated with the official photo from your La Trobe student ID. The official La Trobe student ID photo will have replaced any prior photos you may have uploaded to the LMS. By default, only you and the professors and tutors of your subjects will be able to see your photo. If you would want to, you can choose to make your photo public and replace it. From the Settings block's Edit Profile setting, you can perform this action.

Why can’t I log in?

Numerous factors could be at play, but the most likely one is that you have simply forgotten your password, are attempting the wrong password, or are entering it incorrectly. Other items to consider include:

  1. Verify your login information. On the Reset Password page, assistance is available with password resets. Please note that case affects passwords, so be sure to turn off caps lock.
  2. Verify your enrollment in at least one subject on your Statement of Account (through StudentOnline).

Why can’t I see my subjects?

After enrollment, subjects may not be accessible in the LaTrobe LMS for up to 24 hours. Verify your enrollment in the course by logging into StudentOnLine, and ask your professor if the LMS is necessary for your topic.

If your subject is still not visible in the LaTrobe LMS, make sure the subject is not hidden.

  • Access the LaTrobe LMS.
  • On the dashboard, click the Customize this page option in the top right corner.

  • Make sure the Subject overview block's filter choices are set to display All (except for removed from view) and that the filter in the block's bottom left is set to display All topics.
  • On the dashboard's top right corner, click the Stop customizing this page button.
Your lecturer has probably chosen a start date for the subject that hasn't yet passed if your subjects haven't appeared 24 hours after enrolling. To be sure, check with your lecturer or Student IT Support.

How to accept your offer and enrol in subjects

Greetings from the La Trobe community and congratulations on your acceptance of the offer to study at La Trobe University.

Take the actions outlined below to accept your offer and reserve your spot.

  • Open your account.
  • Embrace your offer (note that you need to complete steps 3 and 4 below to secure your place in the course)
  • Verify your personal information and payment method.

  • Register for each of your courses.

Create an account.

  1. To activate your account, click the link below.
  2. To prove your identity, use your personal email and Applicant ID or La Trobe Student ID. This must coincide with the ID that VTAC, UAC, or Apply Direct gave you (including any letters).
  3. You cannot proceed unless your name and email address exactly match those on your initial application.
  4. Your student ID number appears once your account has been activated. This serves as both your StudentOnLine username and La Trobe student ID.
  5. You'll get an email of confirmation.

Accepting your offer

  1. Open StudentOnLine and sign in.
  2. The view button is located in the left-hand column under the Offers tab; click it to see your offer.
  3. You can accept, defer, or decline.

Verify your personal information and payment method.

  1. Check your StudentOnLine personal information. Make sure the information you supply corresponds to the personal information you have on file with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). By making an account and logging onto myGov, you can check your ATO personal information.
  2. On the menu in the left sidebar, choose Contact.
  3. A semester/term address and information about your next of kin are required.
  4. Ensure that your phone numbers, emails, and other information are correct.
  5. Verify your payment option, then fill out the Commonwealth Assistance Forms if you're qualified (eCAFs).
  6. Read the pertinent HELP information booklet before submitting your eCAFs to ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities as a Commonwealth-funded student.

Register for your classes

  1. Utilizing the URL in your offer email is the most straightforward technique to accept and enroll.
  2. You must use the StudentOnLine link in your offer email to continue your enrollment if you have started but not finished these four steps.
  3. You haven't officially secured your spot until you sign up for all of your first-year courses.
  4. Make sure you understand your study plan, enroll in all of your classes, and read up on your next steps by according to the enrollment requirements (not applicable to Graduate research candidates).

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