ANU Wattle: ANU Programs and Courses 2022 Guide



ANU Wattle: ANU Programs and Courses 2022 Guide

The Australian National University uses ANU Wattle as its learning management system (LMS) to deliver course content.

Web Access To Teaching & Learning Environments, or WATTLE, is an acronym. It uses Moodle LMS as its primary supporting platform.

Wattle is used in the majority of Australian National University courses. Other online learning tools like Turnitin (a text-matching system), Echo360 (a lecture recording system), and Voice Tools are added to the learning management system (audio recording tools).

Each course you are enrolled in will have its own page in Wattle, with important details like assessment information, grades, tutorial enrollments, lecture recordings, weekly readings, course updates, announcements, and other learning resources.

How to log into anu wattle

  1. Visit to enroll.
  2. Enter your university ID if requested.
  3. Next, type your password.
  4. To log in, select Continue.
  5. The Dashboard will now appear.
  6. In the search box, enter your course code (semester and year) and then either choose your course from the list below the search box or look it up in the tiles.
  7. Ensure that the semester and year are the right ones.
  8. What's on the Dashboard is
  • courses recently accessed (top panel) displays up to 12 of the courses you are enrolled in, with the most recent courses visited listed first. By clicking on the arrows in the top right corner, you can view more courses.
  • a search box for courses (middle panel).
  • all of the classes you are taking (bottom panel).
It's crucial to often check each of your ANU Wattle course websites. This is to ensure that you read the offered information and stay current with your courses, especially if there are any changes to the due dates or hours for assessments.

Within ANU Wattle, you can configure notifications to keep you informed. Your access to Wattle courses typically opens two weeks prior to the start of the semester and continues for six months after the course concludes.

To access these courses, you might need to sign into ANU Wattle and select the Self enrolment (Student) link. During this process, if you find yourself back at your Wattle Dashboard, return and click these links once more.

In some courses, lecturers may choose to distribute course information via extra channels. Wattle will have the connections to various other websites for these courses.

If you are unsure how to access your course materials, first look for the necessary information on your course's Wattle site. If you still need help, speak with your tutor or lecturer.
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