How to Buy Insurance TurtlemintPro – Sell Insurance



How to Buy Insurance TurtlemintPro – Sell Insurance

To support your financial advisory business, are you looking for the ideal technology partner? The finest insurance app is TurtlemintPro, which might be able to meet your demands. It is a comprehensive solution that could be extremely beneficial to your insurance company.

There is much more that TurtlemintPro has to offer, from a wide variety of insurance products from various insurers to customized bundles of Mutual Funds that might be sold to your consumers based on their needs/requirements! It offers a customized dashboard that shows a MIS of all your leads, the commission received, and other information so you can monitor the expansion of your insurance business.

So, if you're considering expanding your network to advance your insurance business, TurtlemintPro could assist you handle all .

On the app, there is a specialized area called Turtlemint Academy that offers free training and PoSP (Point of Sale Person) certification for both life insurance and general insurance.

It offers a variety of product-related and sales-related courses for different levels of learners to promote your growth and learning. You can decide to finish it at your own pace and further your insurance career.

Specialised Sales Features of the TurtlemintPro app:

– Obtain quotes from multiple insurers in motor, health, and life for every customer

– Share quotes, reminders and documents with your customers

– Issue insurance policies online instantly without lengthy paperwork

– Follow up on your prospective leads & renewals online and proactively track your insurance business.

– Share lead generation forms, posters and videos with your customers to increase sales

– A personalised dashboard with a complete snapshot of your financial performance, insurance commission earned, etc.

Turtlemint Academy – Free training courses platform

– Training courses to upskill and increase earnings as a financial or an insurance advisor
– Product-related training from multiple insurers
– Masterclasses from celebrities and veterans across various industries to scale your insurance business
– Live webinars from industry experts
– Sales motivation and soft skills training
– Daily news related to insurance and investment

You gain the following benefits from using the TurtlemintPro App:

Start your insurance business right from scratch without prior knowledge.
– It provides you with backward as well as forward integration wherein you have products from multiple insurers to sell to your clients.
– The entire service aspect is handheld by the backend team without you having to worry about it.
– The Turtlemint Academy integration within the app provides you with a learning platform to scale your business as an insurance advisor and also helps you with the certifications needed for the same.
– A personalised dashboard to track your business and manage the leads effectively.

TurtlemintPro provides a whole lot of services from registration to onboarding other than online PoSP training. There is no pre-requisite of prior insurance knowledge to build your career in insurance as a PoSP.

As a certified PoSP, you have a license to sell life insurance, health insurance, and motor insurance policies. With TurtlemintPro, there is no worry about the protection of your personal information and data. We ensure 100% safety and data protection for you and your clients and help you scale your insurance business.

You are authorized to offer life, health, and auto insurance policies as a qualified PoSP. You don't have to be concerned about the security of your data or personal information when using TurtlemintPro. We help you grow your insurance business while ensuring complete security and data protection for you and your customers.

So why are you still waiting?

To get started right away, download TurtlemintPro, which was created specifically to meet your needs as an insurance advisor. You are about to step into the land of limitless wealth!

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