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Team Assistant Vacancy, SNAC

Full vacancy title: Team Assistant, SNAC

Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Position Grade: GS5

Closing Date: 02-Sep-2023


The Senior Vice-President is responsible for supporting the President in the day-to-day management of the Bank Group to achieve it strategic objectives and drive a performance culture that will align all processes and systems to deliver high impact results. The Senior Vice-President will provide effective leadership and exceptional coordination to ensure implementation and monitoring of key corporate decisions as well as the identification of necessary corrective measures and actions. The Senior Vice-President will lead senior management discussions, decisions-making processes and the implementation of strategic board and management decisions to achieve the Bank’s objectives.


The Staff Grievance Committee (STAGRICO) formerly, Staff Appeals Committee, SNAC, is a formal dispute resolution mechanism mandated to hear all appeals against any contested administrative decision concerning matters within its competence and to submit non-binding recommendations to the President of the Bank. It is intended to facilitate a fair settlement of the staff members’ grievances arising from their terms, conditions, and benefits of employment. The Committee is composed of 22 Members including a Chairperson and an Alternate Chairperson. The remaining 20 Members include (10) ten Presidential nominees and (10) ten others nominated by the Staff Council.


The Job of Team Assistant which falls under General Support Services that provides administrative support for the Secretariat and to the Committee, is to assist the Executive Team Assistant of the Committee in the management of the Appeals files, the organization of the oral and hearing sessions.


Under the overall supervision of the Executive Team Assistant to Staff Grievance Committee, the Team Assistant performs the following:

Provide preliminary assistance to members of staff wishing to file an Application or seeking information and documentation related to the peer review procedure.

  • Provide the necessary assistance to the staff members by providing them relevant documents, forms, the Presidential instructions, the Rules of Procedure of the Committee, the Staff Rules of the Bank, and all the prescribed procedures;
  • Put at the disposal of the Staff the different forms and options to file an Application;
  • Direct potential Applicants to the Executive Team Assistant of the Committee for any legal guidance.

Manage the Applicant’s files and the Written proceedings

  • Receive and control the files submitted by the Applicants and the Respondent. Verify the conformity (date, delays, format) of all the submitted document to the Committee;
  • Transmit all the written proceedings (exchanges) between parties, members of the Committee and make sure that time delays are strictly respected;
  • Transmit systematically all the document to the translation department and do the follow-up;
  • Draft in both official languages of the Bank, notification, memorandum, invitation etc. and submit it to the Executive Team Assistant for signature;
  • Update the confidential physical and electronic record of the files containing all the proceedings, the addresses of the Applicants and records on their lawyers;
  • Ensure that all entries are classified and matches (physical and electronic files);
  • Arrange for the reproduction and dispatching of the writings to the parties and to the Committee members.
  • Monitor the Case Management Data Base by updating litigation and statistical information.

Provide logistic and administrative support for the sessions

  • Make reservation for a meeting room with relevant department in charge;
  • Make reservation of interpretation services;
  • Make reservation of coffee-break, lunch etc.;
  • Arrange for accommodation, per diem and tickets for Applicants may come for a hearing;
  • Plan for the videoconference, recording of hearings, etc.

Participate in the preparation of the Unit budget

  • Provide the Executive Team Assistant with estimated accounting data, projections of expenses necessary to run the sessions and all other program to meet the Unit objective as defined by the Executive Team Assistant;
  • Arrange the annual work program with the Executive Team Assistant;
  • Monitor and review budget expenditure throughout the year;
  • Maintain an overview of the divisional budget to draw the attention of the Executive Team Assistant to any discrepancy in implementing the work program.

COMPETENCIES (skills, experience and knowledge):

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Business Management, Commerce, Administration, or related discipline.
  • At least four (4) years of relevant and practical experience in administrative and secretarial roles, in similar offices of international Organizations, Development Banks or similar institutions;
  • The ability to provide direct analytical support in the unit’s services such as administrative processing;
  • Representing the unit at Bank’s meetings as needed at a non-managerial level;
  • The capacity to assimilate the work unit objectives, and services to clients;
  • The ability to assimilate the unit’s technical vocabulary.
  • The ability to maintain an overview of the divisional budget , to draw the attention of the head of the unit to any discrepancy, in order to avoid disruption in the running of the sessions;
  • The ability to plan and initiate the administrative work on time, considering the various parties involved in the Peer Review process, in order to avoid delays and be able to carry through the work programme;
  • The incumbent should maintain a good relationship with the other departments involved in the implementation of the work programme, especially with PGCL, PGLS, HR, etc.
  • Working knowledge of policies, administrative procedures, and practices relevant to peer review;
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to details;
  • Ability to communicate and write effectively in English and/or French with a good working knowledge of the other language.
  • Competence in the use of Bank standard software applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Knowledge of SAP is highly desirable;

Should you encounter technical difficulties in submitting your application, please send an email with a precise description of the issue and/or a screenshot showing the problem to: HR Direct HRDirect@AFDB.ORG(link sends e-mail)


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