EP | Walter Chilambo – New Born King

Tanzania’s beloved Gospel singer,  Walter Chilambo, has gifted his fans with a joyous Christmas present in the form of a new EP, titled “New Born King.” This collection of four songs is not only a celebration of the festive season but also a testament to Chilambo’s deep faith and his dedication to spreading the message of love and hope through his music.

Known for his powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics,  Walter Chilambo has become a prominent figure in the Gospel music scene in Tanzania. With his unique ability to touch the hearts of listeners, he has garnered a strong and devoted following over the years. For his fans, each release is a highly anticipated event, and “New Born King” is no exception.

The EP’s title track, “New Born King,” sets the tone for the entire collection. It portrays the nativity scene and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, reminding listeners of the true meaning of Christmas. Through emotive melodies and moving lyrics, Chilambo captures the essence of the season, inviting listeners to reflect on the spiritual significance of the holiday.

The second track, “Amezaliwa,” is a declaration of the comforting presence of God. Chilambo’s soul-stirring voice carries the message of assurance and faith, reminding his audience that they are never alone in their journey. The song is a reminder to lean on God in times of hardship or joy, finding solace and strength in His unwavering love.

 Walter Chilambo – Amezaliwa | Download

 Walter Chilambo – Mery, Did You Know? | Download

Walter Chilambo – Merry Christmas | Download

Walter Chilambo – Noel | Download


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