Audio Mp3 | Innoss’B – Mpiaka | Download


Innocent Balume, often known as Innoss’B, is a Congolese artist from Goma. Innoss’B is a true maestro of the African music industry, known for his abilities in singing, songwriting, rapping, drumming, and dancing.

“Mpiaka” is a musical masterpiece that exemplifies Innoss’B’s variety and creativity. The combination of Afrobeat, Rumba, and Pop elements results in a symphonic symphony that captivates listeners from the first note. Prepare to get swept away by the captivating sounds and soulful vocals.
Innoss’B’s “Mpiaka” will transport you to another universe. The song can be downloaded on Immerse yourself in one of Congo DRC’s musical treasures’ rhythmic charm.

 Audio Mp3 | Innoss’B – Mpiaka | Download


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