Audio Mp3 | Daz Baba ft. Man Chipi - Pointer | Download



Download Audio Mp3 | Daz Baba ft. Man Chipi  - Pointer

Daz Baba, a prominent Hip Hop artist from Tanzania, collaborates with fellow artist Man Chipi in their dynamic track titled "Pointer." This energetic and lyrically captivating song showcases the exceptional talent of these musicians, as they blend their unique styles to create a hip hop masterpiece.

 "Pointer" is a testament to the thriving hip hop scene in Tanzania, with its infectious beats and insightful lyrics that resonate with fans of the genre. Daz Baba and Man Chipi's collaboration in this track exemplifies the rich and diverse musical landscape in Tanzania.

 Audio Mp3 | Daz Baba ft. Man Chipi  - Pointer  | Download


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