ALBUM | Msodoki Young Killer – TMA Swahili Rap

The album “TMA Swahili Rap” is a remarkable musical compilation by Bongo Fleva artist from Tanzania, Msodoki Young Killer. This album showcases the finest elements of Swahili rap, blending it with contemporary Bongo Fleva sounds to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

One of the standout features of this album is the inclusion of various talented artists, such as Kontawa, Baraka the Prince, and Fid Q. Each collaboration adds a new flavor and dimension to the album, allowing listeners to explore different styles and perspectives within the genre.

Msodoki Young Killer’s lyrical prowess and flow are particularly noteworthy in this album. Through his intricate wordplay and storytelling techniques, he effortlessly paints vivid pictures and delivers powerful messages that resonate with listeners. Whether it’s addressing social issues, celebrating success, or expressing personal experiences, his words leave a lasting impact.

The production quality of “TMA Swahili Rap” is also commendable. The beats are infectious, incorporating catchy melodies and dynamic rhythms that will have listeners grooving along. The album effortlessly transitions between energetic and introspective tracks, ensuring a well-rounded listening experience.

Download full Album Below

  1. Msodoki Young Killer – MIMI |Download
  2. Msodoki Young Killer – Business All Day | Download
  3. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Colé Miss London – Tantalanta | Download
  4. Msodoki Young Killer – Exclusive Interview | Download
  5. Msodoki Young Killer – Legacy | Download
  6. Msodoki Young Killer – TMA Outro | Download
  7. Msodoki Young Killer – Alhamdulillah | Download
  8. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Chid Beenz & Mzee Yusuph – Haya Yote | Download
  9. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Stamina Shorwebwenzi, Rapcha & Kontawa – Kila Siku | Download
  10. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Fid Q & BELLE 9 – 13 | Download
  11. Msodoki YoungKiller – Go Ahead | Download
  12. Rayvanny – My Lady | Download
  13. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Barakah The Prince & RICH MAVOKO – Super Lady (Miss Hip Hop) | Download
  14. Msodoki Young Killer ft. Mama Msodoki – Interlude Mama | Download


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