Audio Mp3 | Bony Mwaitege – Hakuna Mwingine | Download



Download Audio Mp3 | Bony Mwaitege – Hakuna Mwingine

Bony Mwaitege is a gospel artist from Tanzania who is known for his songs that praise God for his great deeds. He released his first album, "Jina La Yesu", in 2001, and has since become one of the most influential gospel artists in East Africa⁶. His songs are a blend of traditional African sounds and contemporary gospel music, creating a unique and captivating sound. 

Some of his popular songs include "Hakuna Mwingine", "Acha Nizaliwe", "Mkono Wako", and "Bado Nampenda". He has also won several awards, such as the Kora Awards for Best Gospel Artist in Africa in 2003. He is also involved in charitable work, supporting various causes in Tanzania. Bony Mwaitege is a talented singer and songwriter who uses his music to spread hope, faith, and love to his listeners.

 Audio Mp3 | Bony Mwaitege – Hakuna Mwingine | Download


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