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Download Video Mp4 | ROSA REE - MAMA OMOLLO

ROSA REE is a Tanzanian rapper known for her hard-hitting lyrics and versatile flow. She began her music career in 2015 and has since released multiple singles and collaborations. Her popular songs include "Up In The Air," "Dip n' Whine It," and "Asante Baba."

MAMA OMOLLO, released: August 25, 2023. This is a diss track for Khaligraph Jones, a Kenyan rapper who challenged Tanzanians to a rap battle. In the song, ROSA REE ridicules Khaligraph's looks, abilities, and fame, while glorifying her own accomplishments and talent. She claims to be Africa's top female rapper and says Khaligraph fears her.

The song has had mixed reactions, with some praising ROSA REE's boldness and creativity, while others accuse her of disrespect and arrogance. The song sparked a rap feud between Tanzania and Kenya, with rappers from both countries joining. Khaligraph Jones will release a rap battle response soon.
 Video Mp4 | ROSA REE - MAMA OMOLLO | Download


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