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Download Video Mp4 | Kayumba - Usiniongopee

Kayumba is an esteemed singer-songwriter hailing from the East African nation of Tanzania, revered for his remarkable proficiency in the genres of reggae and bongo flava. The individual attained prominence subsequent to securing victory in the Bongo Search competition in the year 2015, thereby securing an opportunity to embark on the recording of his inaugural album, "Bonge la Nyota".

Subsequently, he has unveiled a succession of popular musical compositions, including "Mazoea," "Tuongee," and "Maumivu. " The most recent musical composition released by the artist is "Usiniongopee," a melodious reggae composition featured in his recent album entitled "Fine Tape. " The musical composition is conspicuously overseen and crafted by the esteemed group known as Mafia, with additional intricate efforts discerned in the meticulous arrangement by the same musical entity. The composition delves into the concept of beseeching an individual to refrain from deceit and instead, embrace transparency with regards to their emotions.

 Video Mp4 | Kayumba - Usiniongopee | Download



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