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Download Audio Mp3 |  Songa – Usimdiss Kali

Songa is a Tanzanian hip hop artist who released a song titled "Usimdiss Kali" in August 2023. The song is a diss track aimed at his rivals in the rap scene, and it showcases his lyrical skills and confidence. The title of the song means "Don't Diss Me Hard" in Swahili, and it is a challenge to anyone who wants to compete with him. The song has a catchy beat and a catchy hook, and it has received positive reviews from fans and critics .

Songa is one of the top Tanzanian rappers in 2023, and he is known for his witty wordplay, clever metaphors, and sharp delivery. He has been active in the hip hop industry since the early 2010s, and he has collaborated with other prominent artists such as Professor Jay, Nikki Mbishi, and Darassa. He is also a member of the rap group TMK Wanaume, which consists of other talented rappers such as Fid Q, Mwana FA, and AY .

 Audio Mp3 |  Songa – Usimdiss Kali | Download


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