Audio Mp3 | Lord Eyez – Public Figure | Download


Download Audio Mp3 | Lord Eyez – Public Figure

Lord Ey miez is a Tanzanian hip hop artist who is known for his rap skills and lyrical prowess. He has released several songs, such as Hakika, Kitanda, Marashi, and Public Figure.

 Public Figure is his latest single, which showcases his confidence and charisma as an artist. He raps about his success, fame, and influence in the music industry, and how he is not afraid to speak his mind. He also collaborates with other artists, such as Gigy Money, Young Lunya, Gosby, G Nako, and Country Wizzy². Lord Eyez is one of the most popular and respected hip hop artists in Tanzania.

Audio Mp3 | Lord Eyez – Public Figure | Download 



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