Audio Mp3 | Jaivah Ft Marioo - Pita Kule | Download



Download Audio Mp3 | Jaivah Ft Marioo -  Pita Kule

"(Jaivah Ft Marioo - Pita Kule)" is a collaboration between Tanzanian artists Jaivah and Marioo. The song "Pita Kule" showcases their musical talents within the Bongo Flava genre, blending contemporary sounds with traditional Tanzanian influences. Jaivah and Marioo's vocals complement each other, creating an engaging and energetic track that resonates with fans of Tanzanian music. 

The song's title, "Pita Kule," translates to "Go Over There" in English, and the lyrics likely explore themes of movement, adventure, or pursuing one's desires.

 Audio Mp3 | Jaivah Ft Marioo -  Pita Kule  | Download


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