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Download Audio Mp3 | Kisima - Simu

Kisima Majabala is a renowned Sukuma artist from Tanzania, hailing from the city of Mwanza. His iconic track "Simu" has earned him widespread acclaim and has solidified his position as a prominent figure in Sukuma music.

As a representative of the Sukuma ethnic group, Kisima Majabala's music beautifully captures the essence of their cultural traditions and values. With soulful vocals and traditional instruments, "Simu" weaves a captivating tale that reflects the joys, sorrows, and experiences of the Sukuma people.

Through his music, Kisima Majabala brings to life the rural landscapes and daily life of the Sukuma community. His songs often revolve around themes of love, family, and social issues, resonating deeply with his audience and providing a glimpse into the rich heritage of the Sukuma culture.

Hailing from Mwanza, a city known for its vibrant arts scene and strong musical heritage, Kisima Majabala has become a cherished ambassador for Sukuma music. He has not only preserved the cultural legacy of his community but also introduced it to audiences far beyond Tanzania's borders.

With his talent, passion, and dedication to preserving Sukuma traditions, Kisima Majabala continues to be celebrated as a respected artist from Mwanza, Tanzania. His music remains a cherished part of Tanzanian cultural identity, and his impact on the Sukuma music scene is both profound and enduring.

Audio Mp3 | Kisima Majabala - Simu | Download 


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