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Download Audio MP3 | Haitham Kim – Dubai

Haitham Kim, a talented artist hailing from Tanzania, has made a significant impact in the music industry with his latest release titled "Dubai." This captivating song, launched in July 2023, showcases Haitham Kim's unique blend of African and contemporary sounds, creating a delightful musical fusion. Through his soulful vocals and emotive lyrics, he transports listeners on a mesmerizing journey, exploring themes of ambition, dreams, and the pursuit of success. 

"Dubai" has already garnered widespread acclaim for its infectious melody, making it a hit not only in Tanzania but also gaining international recognition. Haitham Kim's artistry continues to rise, and his contributions to the music scene are undoubtedly shaping the landscape of African music on a global scale.

 Audio MP3 | Haitham Kim – Dubai | Download



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