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Download Video MP4 | Mbosso - Sitaki

Mbosso, a talented Tanzanian musician, released a captivating song titled "Sitaki" that has been making waves in the music industry. "Sitaki" is a Swahili phrase that translates to "I don't want" in English. The song showcases Mbosso's unique musical style and heartfelt lyrics, which have resonated with audiences worldwide.

Mbosso, whose real name is Mbwana Yusuph Kilungi, rose to prominence as a member of the renowned Tanzanian music group, WCB Wasafi. Known for his smooth vocals and emotional delivery, Mbosso has gained a loyal fan base and has established himself as a prominent artist in East Africa.

"Sitaki" is a love song that expresses the pain and anguish of a broken relationship. Mbosso's powerful voice brings out the raw emotions embedded in the lyrics, capturing the listener's attention from the very beginning. The song's production is a blend of traditional African sounds with contemporary elements, creating a melodic and captivating musical experience.

 Video MP4 | Mbosso - Sitaki | Download


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