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Selebuka is a song by Tanzanian Bongo Flava artist Aslay. It was released on May 5, 2023, as the lead single from his upcoming album of the same name. The song was produced by Barnaba Classic and features vocals from Aslay's longtime collaborator, Mwanafalsafa.

Selebuka is a catchy dancehall track with a positive message about living life to the fullest. The song's title is a Swahili word that means "to have fun" or "to party." The song's lyrics encourage listeners to let loose and enjoy themselves, regardless of their circumstances.

Selebuka has been well-received by fans and critics alike. The song has topped the charts in Tanzania and has been streamed millions of times on YouTube. Selebuka has also been nominated for several awards, including the Tanzania Music Awards' Song of the Year award.

Aslay is one of Tanzania's most popular musicians. He has released several hit songs, including "Inauma," "Natamba," and "Mateka." Selebuka is expected to be another hit for Aslay and is sure to further cement his status as one of Tanzania's biggest stars.

The song's message is one of hope and positivity. It encourages listeners to let go of their worries and to enjoy life. The song is a fun and upbeat track that is sure to get people dancing.

 Audio Mp3 | Aslay – Selebuka | Download


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