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Download Audio Mp3 | Taarab -Tamba

Taarab is a music genre that originated on the Swahili coast of East Africa, particularly in Tanzania and Zanzibar. It combines influences from Arabic, Indian, and African musical traditions, as well as elements of Western music. The word "taarab" is derived from the Arabic word "tarab," which means musical ecstasy or enchantment.

Taarab music is typically performed by a large ensemble that includes a lead vocalist, backup singers, a choir, and a range of instrumentalists, such as violinists, oud players, accordionists, and percussionists. The music is characterized by its melodic and rhythmic complexity, as well as its emotional expressiveness.

The lyrics of Taarab songs often focus on themes such as love, social justice, and cultural identity. They are usually sung in Swahili or Arabic, although some songs incorporate other languages as well. Taarab music has been popular in East Africa for over a century, and it continues to be an important cultural form in the region today.

 Audio Mp3 | Taarab -Tamba | Download


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