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Download Audio Mp3 | Roma - Nipeni Maua Yangu

"New Song of Roma - Nipeni Maua Yangu" is a Swahili song by Tanzanian musician Roma Mkatoliki. The title "Nipeni Maua Yangu" translates to "give me my flowers" in English, and the song is a tribute to those who have passed away.

The song features Roma's signature style of blending different genres, including rap, Bongo Flava, and traditional African music. The opening verse starts with a mellow acoustic guitar riff, which gradually builds up to a beat with a catchy hook that will keep you humming for hours.

The lyrics of "Nipeni Maua Yangu" are emotional and poignant, speaking to the pain and loss that Roma has experienced in his life. He sings about missing those who have passed away and wanting to honor them by giving them flowers before they are gone forever.

The chorus is particularly moving, as Roma sings "Nipeni maua yangu, hata nikiwa hai, kesho ni kesho, nisipokuwapo, nipe kwa walio hai," which translates to "Give me my flowers, even if I'm alive, tomorrow is tomorrow, if I'm not here, give them to those who are still alive."

The music video for "Nipeni Maua Yangu" is also very touching, featuring images of people who have passed away and their loved ones. It is a reminder to appreciate and honor the people in our lives while we still can.

Overall, "New Song of Roma - Nipeni Maua Yangu" is a beautiful and moving song that speaks to the power of music to express our deepest emotions and connect us to others.

 Audio Mp3 | Roma - Nipeni Maua Yangu | Download


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