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Download Audio Mp3 | Feza Kessy Ft. Kontawa – Unyama

Feza Kessy Ft. Kontawa is a Tanzanian music collaboration that released the song "Unyama" in 2023. "Unyama" translates to "cruelty" in English, and the song tackles the issue of violence against women in Tanzania and across the world.

Feza Kessy, who is also known as Feza Diouf, is a singer, rapper, and actress from Tanzania. She gained popularity in Tanzania and East Africa after appearing on the reality TV show Big Brother Africa in 2013. Kontawa, on the other hand, is a Tanzanian musician and producer who has worked with various artists in the countr

"Unyama" is a powerful song that highlights the plight of women who suffer from physical and emotional abuse. The lyrics of the song are in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, and the message is clear and direct. Feza Kessy's powerful vocals are accompanied by Kontawa's beats, which create a haunting and emotional atmosphere that resonates with the listene

The song's video, directed by Deo Abel, features powerful imagery that depicts the harsh realities of violence against women. The video opens with Feza Kessy sitting in front of a mirror, looking at herself as bruises and scars appear on her face. As the song progresses, other women join her, all with their own stories of abuse and violenc

Feza Kessy Ft. Kontawa's "Unyama" is an important song that sheds light on a pressing issue that affects women around the world. The song's powerful message and haunting melody make it a must-listen for anyone who cares about the well-being of women and wants to see an end to violence against.

 Audio Mp3 | Feza Kessy Ft. Kontawa – Unyama | Download



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