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Download Audio Mp3 | Country Wizzy X Emtee – ORIGHT

"ORIGHT" is a collaboration between Tanzanian singer Country Wizzy and South African rapper Emtee. The song was released on April 9th, 2021, and has since been gaining popularity across Africa.

The track is an upbeat Afro-pop tune that sees Country Wizzy and Emtee trade verses in their respective languages, Swahili and English. The beat is catchy and energetic, with a blend of traditional African instruments and modern production elements.

The lyrics of "ORIGHT" revolve around the artists' successes and the lifestyle that comes with it. They boast about their wealth, fame, and the beautiful women in their lives. The chorus, which is repeated throughout the song, is a catchy and celebratory phrase that translates to "everything is alright."

The music video for "ORIGHT" is a colorful and vibrant display of African culture. It features scenes of Country Wizzy and Emtee partying with their friends, dancing in front of flashy cars, and showcasing their expensive jewelry.

Overall, "ORIGHT" is a fun and enjoyable song that showcases the talents of Country Wizzy and Emtee. It's a celebration of success and the good life, set to an infectious beat that's sure to get listeners dancing.

 Audio Mp3 | Country Wizzy X Emtee – ORIGHT | Download


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