5 Online Browser based games For Time Pass.

 When we first touched a computer, games had advanced significantly. There were DOS games at first. Next followed simple flash file download games and arcade games. But, installing those games on your smartphone still requires downloading and installation. What if, though, you are online and seated in front of your computer, wanting to pass an extra 10 to 15 minutes and growing restless?

In this article we will discuss 5 top games which you can play in your free time. These are online browser based games in which you do not need any registration process to play these games. So, let’s discuss.

2048 Game:

A 19-year-old boy created the 2048 game, and he gained millions of dollars from it. This game quickly became popular on iOS and Android devices. In this logical game, you must slide tiles with similar numbers together to add them up, like adding the digits 2 and 2 yields 4. To make eight, you must now combine 4 with 4 once more, and so on. You can play this game on the site 2048gamers.com with ease.

Flappy Bird:

The most played Android game at one point was Flappy Bird. Flappy Bird was an instant hit since it was easy to learn but difficult to master. When its inventor from Vietnam removed the game from android stores, he too became an instant success icon. But, you can still access the game through your browser online. To make the bird jump and keep it flying while avoiding approaching obstacles, you simply need to click or press the spacebar.


Sudoku is a highly well-known logic game in which you must fill in the numbers in the blank spaces so that all of the numbers from 1 to 9 are present in each column, row, and square of the three by three grid. Soon after this game's creation, it gained such a following that word scrabble puzzles in magazines and newspapers were supplanted. When Sudoku became popular, it was common to see people solving it on trains and buses. By clicking the aforementioned link, you can play the game in its online format without any hassles in your web browser.


You must have already played the Copter classic flash game on a friend's computer. Back then, the Android platform wasn't accessible, thus the developer of the copter game couldn't have made a quick million by monetizing the game with ad networks. Moreover, this game offers an online browser version that you can play immediately in your browser without having to register or waste any time. Simply keep clicking the mouse to keep it safe from incoming obstacles in this straightforward game. The most inspiration for the flappy bird came from this game.

Ten Bullets:

The simplest and coolest game on the list is Ten Bullets. It's an unfocused, unpredictable, yet surprisingly addictive game. Ships can fire by pressing the click or space key. If you kill a lot of enemies, the game will keep going; if not, it will terminate quickly and instruct you to play again. This game is incredibly clever in its simplicity. A captivating and tastefully made game for killing. The game's x factor is the background music. To experience this, play this browser-based online game.

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