University of Southern California (USC), which is a private research university located in Los Angeles, California, USA. USC was founded in 1880 and has since grown to become one of the largest private universities in the country.

USC offers over 400 undergraduate and graduate degree programs across its 22 academic schools and units. Some of its most well-known programs include its School of Cinematic Arts, Viterbi School of Engineering, and Marshall School of Business.

USC is also known for its strong athletic programs, particularly in football and basketball. The university's sports teams are known as the Trojans and compete in the Pac-12 Conference.

Overall, USC is a highly respected institution with a diverse student body and a strong commitment to research and innovation.


Q: What does USC stand for? 

A: USC stands for the University of Southern California.

Q: Where is USC located?

 A: USC is located in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Q: What is the ranking of USC?

 A: The ranking of USC varies depending on the ranking system, but it is consistently ranked among the top 25 universities in the United States. As of 2021, according to the U.S. News & World Report, USC is ranked #23 in National Universities.

Q: What are some notable programs at USC?

 A: USC is well-known for its programs in business, law, engineering, and film. The USC Marshall School of Business and the USC Gould School of Law are both highly regarded. The Viterbi School of Engineering is also highly ranked, particularly in the areas of computer science and electrical engineering. The USC School of Cinematic Arts is considered one of the top film schools in the world.

Q: What is the acceptance rate at USC? 

A: The acceptance rate at USC varies depending on the program, but the overall undergraduate acceptance rate for Fall 2021 was 11.4%. The acceptance rate for graduate programs varies by program.

Q: What is the student population at USC?

 A: As of Fall 2021, the total enrollment at USC was approximately 49,700 students, including over 20,000 undergraduate students and over 29,000 graduate and professional students.

Q: What is the USC Trojans?

 A: The USC Trojans is the nickname for the athletic teams of USC. USC has a highly successful athletics program, with particular strengths in football, men's water polo, and women's soccer.
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