Download Audio Mp3 | Juma Nature Ft. Demba – Assalam Allehkum


Juma Nature (real name Juma Kassim Ally) is a Tanzanian hip-hop artist who is known for his unique style that incorporates traditional African rhythms and melodies with contemporary rap and hip-hop beats. He was born on March 25, 1980, in Morogoro, Tanzania, and began his music career in the late 1990s.

Juma Nature first gained recognition in Tanzania with his debut album, "Lipa Kama Shilingi," which was released in 2005. The album featured hit songs such as "Nani Jembe," "Sio Pombe," and "Bongo Hip Hop."

He has since released several more albums, including "Ubinadamu," "Boss Kuhusu Money," and "Hatufanani," which have all been well-received by fans and critics alike. Juma Nature is also known for his socially conscious lyrics that address issues such as poverty, corruption, and inequality.

In addition to his music career, Juma Nature is also involved in various philanthropic activities, including supporting education initiatives and advocating for the rights of children and women in Tanzania.

Download Audio Mp3 | Juma Nature Ft. Demba – Assalam Allehkum


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