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Franco Luambo Makiadi, also known as Franco, was a Congolese guitarist, bandleader, and composer. He was born on July 6, 1938, in Sona Bata, in what was then the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). Franco played a key role in the development of Congolese rumba music, which blended Cuban rhythms with Congolese melodies and became popular throughout Africa.

Franco formed his first band, called "OK Jazz," in 1956, and went on to lead the group for more than 30 years. He was known for his virtuosic guitar playing and his ability to bring together a diverse group of musicians to create a cohesive sound. Franco's music addressed social and political issues, and he was known for his sharp critiques of the post-colonial African state.

Franco recorded more than 150 albums during his career, and his music continues to be popular throughout Africa and beyond. He died on October 12, 1989, in Brussels, Belgium, at the age of 51. Despite his untimely death, Franco's legacy as one of Africa's most influential musicians lives on

“Franco – Mamou” is a song by Franco Luambo Makiadi, a Congolese musician who was one of the pioneers of the soukous music genre. The song was released in the 1970s and has become a classic in African music.

 Audio Mp3| Franco – Mamou | Download


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