Download Gospel Audio Mp3 | Dr Ipyana - Wazee 24



Download Gospel Audio Mp3 | Dr. Ipyana Ft. Pastor Peter - Mbingu Wazi

Download the Dr. Ipyana The Atmosphere (Kama Mbinguni) EP from Wazee 24 and Mbingu Wazi, featuring Pastor Peter Dr. Ipyana. Umestahili Heshima with Remnant Bertha and Dr. Ipyana Dr. Ipyana Dr. Ipyana, Sina Shaka, I'm astounded.

Doctor by training, worship leader, gospel singer, and songwriter from Tanzania who is best known for the song "Baba Nakushukuru Niseme Nini." "The Atmosphere (Kama Mbinguni)" is the title of Dr. Ipyana's gospel EP. The EP's five songs include gospel musicians like Pastor Peter and Remnant Berth. The Atmosphere (Kama Mbinguni) EP by Ipyana is the finest choice if you're looking for gospel music to add to your playlist.

Download Gospel Audio Mp3 | Dr Ipyana - Wazee 24


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