How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing



How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Many people are making a good living through affiliate marketing. There are numerous businesses that offer you the chance to make money through affiliate marketing, like Flipkart, Amazon, and others. Businesses offer affiliate marketing.

You must register for an account on these websites in order to earn money through affiliate marketing. From there, you can select your preferred method of payment. like bank information, etc.

How to Create Account in Affiliate Marketing

Here we will tell you about doing an affiliate account on Amazon.

Step 1. Go To Website

Firstly, go to the website of, click on the option of Join For Free here.


Fill some forms about your name and email etc.

Provide details how you drive traffic on your website. (if you do not have website you can provide details of your facebook page)

They would ask some questions like

Why do you want to join them?

How you get information about them etc.

So in this way you can generate income by affiliate marketing by joining Amazon website or you can join any other affiliate website as your need.

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