How can I update my GauchoSpace profile?


How can I update my GauchoSpace profile?

You can edit your profile to add a profile photo, a personal statement, email preferences, and a list of interests.

Changing your profile:

  1. Firstly, sign in to GauchoSpace.
  2. Select "Edit My Profile" from your Dashboard.
  3. Click on the corresponding field to edit your profile.
Changing your profile:

To alter how your last name is shown:


The information in the Identity database is populated by the information on record from the registrar. More information:

Students who are also employees:

If you have checked and your information is correct with the Registrar, you may need to check with your employer to make sure they have also processed the name change with HR. When your name changes in that system (Identity), the change will come through to GauchoSpace.


For faculty or staff, Identity assistance is provided by the Enterprise Service Desk. Log into the Service Desk application at the URL below and select an category under Identity and Access management to open a support ticket.

4. If you send an email to an instructor or TA using the "Email Instructor/TA" block, your email will be displayed as by default because your email display setting under the Privacy settings can be changed to "Only Instructors/TAs in my courses see my email". Change the Email display setting to "Allow everyone to see my email address" or "Allow only other course participants to see my email address" if you want your email to appear in emails received from GauchoSpace.

5. Drag and drop your photo into the appropriate New picture slot in the User Picture section to upload it.
One profile photo can only be added at a time. It is necessary to remove the old profile picture from your GauchoSpace profile before adding the new one if you want to replace it with a newer one.

6. To update your profile, scroll to the bottom and click.

Note: If the Identity database contains accurate information about you, you may need to check with your employer to make sure they've informed HR of the name change. GauchoSpace will be notified whenever your name changes in that system.

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