Driver Positions at Sandvik in December 2022


Driver Positions at Sandvik in December 2022

Job Description

Driver Jobs at Sandvik
  1. Drive Sandvik Management teams and other employees on official business.
  2. Ensure smooth and safe travel of passengers to their respective destinations.
  3. Operates trucks, vans, or similar vehicles to pick up and deliver products, supplies and equipment to and from organizations, suppliers, and customer sites.
  4. Actions may involve complex pickups and deliveries, e.g., night or long-distance deliveries of goods.
  5. May Perform basic maintenance to keep vehicles clean and in good order (for example inflate tires, check oil and water, clean interior.
  6. Support Sandvik’s employees with local support when travelling in respective country. Driver Jobs at Sandvik
  7. Schedule regular car service appointments and report any issues

Minimum 5 years’ proven experience as a Driver

  1. A valid drivers’ license
  2. Ability and experience driving long distances.
  3. Good communication skills (preferrably in English)
  4. Familiarity with GPS software (i.e. google maps)


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