La Mejikna Has the Spicy Guacamole Burger of Your Dreams


La Mejikna Has the Spicy Guacamole Burger of Your Dreams

La Mejikãna serves Una Hamburguesa Chida, which translates as “an awesome burger.” That it is. A glossy, brioche-soft bun holds a thick patty of beef and a thinner one of spicy chorizo as well as an over-easy egg and a melty slice of Chihuahua cheese. It barely wants to come together, but come together it does.

You clutch this behemoth and never want to put it down, and as you bite in, you taste more: chunky guacamole, threads of caramelized onion, a stealthy punch of chipotle. It arrives with a spiralized fried potato — a spud Slinky — and if you order a lime-tart michelada or a cucumber margarita, you’ll be very happy indeed.

The new business from Robert Cardenas and Julio Moreno, which is tight and gloomy with colorful paintings of Mexican ladies and the CTA Pink Line, seems like it belongs in Pilsen in 2019. It gives off the impression of being both your new hangout and your go-to gastro-diner thanks to a playlist that leans heavily on Spanish rock urbano and a bar that covers the length of the room.

However, you should dive into the overstuffed blue corn taco with skirt steak carne asada and cilantro chimichurri or the tangy, vibrant al pastor with pork shoulder, habanero, and bits of grilled pineapple before trying the ceviche or the grilled prawns. Even though the fried fish pescadito's fish-to-batter ratio should have been higher, I nevertheless ate every last bite.

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