UTAS MyLO: Access My Learning Online Portal 2022: A Helpful Guide

UTAS MyLO: Access My Learning Online Portal 2022: A Helpful Guide
UTAS The University of Tasmania's online learning environment is called MyLO. My Learning Online is referred to as MyLO. It is a D2L platform from BrightSpace.

The system used to host the online resources and activities for all units with an online presence is UTAS MyLO. The requirements and methods adopted by the Unit and its teaching staff will determine how MyLO is used.

UTAS MyLo login instructions

This guide tells you how to navigate to and around UTAS MyLO.

  1. From the top of the UTAS main page (www.utas.edu.au) or the Current Students page (www.utas.edu.au/students), click the MyLO link.
  2. Then click the green and blue MyLO logo on utas.edu.au/mylo.
  3. Log in with your UTAS email address and Password. 
  4. The MyLO “My Home” page will open. This page lists all the MyLO units you have access to. You can get to these units via the Waffle “Unit Selector.”
  5. You may find there are a lot of units listed. Some of these are just as useful resources – they don’t include anything you must complete as part of your studies (e.g., Turnitin & Academic Honesty, Getting Started in MyLO, LIST: Library & Information Skills Tutorial).
  6. The units you have enrolled in for your degree – “award units” – have a code name of three letters followed by three numbers, e.g., CAD002.
  7. You can return to “My Home” from any unit by clicking the link at the top left of every MyLO page.
  8. Explore your units. Click on the various tools and links: Content, Discussions, etc. You’re unlikely to break anything, and you won’t get lost — you can return to the “front page” of any unit by clicking the unit name (to the right of the “My Home” link).
UTAS MyLO: Access My Learning Online Portal 2022: A Helpful Guide

Within MyLO, there is a variety of help available for using the UTAS MyLO features. Simply click Help & Resources to be taken there. Student-specific materials can be found here, either in MyLO or under the Library & Learning Support link. If you need assistance with this, get in touch with the UTAS Service-Desk or stop by the libraries on the Hobart and Launceston campuses.

The University of Tasmania mandates that the University of Tasmania Blended Learning Model be used to teach and deliver each unit. The University offers Brightspace by D2L as its Learning Management System (LMS) for delivering these units' online components. MyLO (My Learning Online) is the moniker this LMS uses for University of Tasmania courses.

The Blended Learning Model at the University of Tasmania (UTAS) intends to deliver

The UTAS Blended Learning Model comprises three core features:

  • A series of high-quality online resources, tailored and developed by UTAS and you and the students themselves, open educational resources, and administrative and student support resources opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous interactions – peer to peer, student-teacher, and teacher to student.
  • Opportunities for high-impact learning, delivered on campus, as fieldwork or practicum, or fully online.
  • The model also encourages sharing of academic resources and collaboration with the broader academic community.

How to self-enroll via discover course catalog IN UTAS MyLo

The Discover Course Catalog displays a list of active non-award and development units and programs within UTAS MyLO, enabling you to self-enroll in units that will help with your studies and professional development while at the University of Tasmania. 

Check the Discover Course Catalog for non-award units if you do not have access to them in MyLO. From here, you can enroll in the Unit yourself and have immediate access. The Discover Course Catalog has several units for staff and students, including Getting Started in MyLO, Turnitin and Academic Honesty, and the Work, Health, and Safety unit.

  1. Log in to UTAS MyLO. On the Navigation bar, there will be a menu called Discover Course Catalog. Click on it.
  2. A range of units will be available for you to enroll in, such as Work Health and Safety, Turnitin and Academic Integrity, and the Getting Started in MyLO unit.
  3. To enroll in a unit, you can press any tile or use the search function to find a specific unit. This will bring up more information regarding the unit­. Click on Enrol in Course.
  4. You will receive an on-screen confirmation message once you have enrolled. You will have immediate access to the Unit from within the Discover tool by selecting Open Course.
  5. You will also access this Unit via the My Units Widget by selecting the appropriate semester or using the search function within the Select a Unit Waffle in the navigation bar. Pin the Unit if you want to be able to access the Unit easily.
  6. Note that once you have enrolled in a unit, this will not appear in the Catalog when searching unless you change your filter to show all the units you have already enrolled in. By default, you will only see the units you have not enrolled in.

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