Online Matric Results Checking Procedures for 2022 (Ultimate Guide)


Online Matric Results Checking Procedures for 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

You've come to the right site if you're looking for information about matric results and how to check matric results online.

Everything you require to know about How to Check Matric Results Online in 2022 and later is covered in this tutorial. How to verify matric results online for the years 2022 and 2023.

Your ability to continue your education at the institution depends on your Matric scores. They also determine whether or not you will have no trouble finding entry-level employment.

Online Matric Results Checking Procedures for 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

Your Matric results are available to you in a variety of ways, including online. The online technique is more practical because you can use your smartphone to do it whenever you want. Here's how to check your high school graduation results online: Online Matric Results Checker

  1. Go to the Department of Basic Education (DBE) website
  2. Click on the button for examination results
  3. Click on the NSC exam results
  4. You will be asked to put in your examination number
  5. More personal information may be required
  6. Click the search button
  7. Your Matric results should appear here

Where Can I Find My Matric Results On My Phone?

The following techniques can be used to get your high school graduation results over the phone: The following methods can be used to check matric results online:
  1. SMS
  2. USSD


Text the number for your exam to 35658. You will get your Matric results as soon as they become available. Please be aware that SMS costs R1.50.


In addition to using the aforementioned internet resources, there are additional ways you can get your Matric results. Seeing your Matric results in person is another option:

  • View your results in the newspaper
  • Receive your statement of results at school


You can find your Matric results in a newspaper. There are different publications that print Matric results when they are released. Make sure you buy one in time because they sell out quickly.


You can access your Matric results at the institution where you wrote your Matric and collect them.

What Are The 4 Different Types Of Certificates Available For Matric?

These are the four (4) types of Matric Certificates:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree Pass
  2. Diploma Pass
  3. Higher Certificate Pass
  4. National Senior Certificate Pass

Bachelor’s Degree Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  1. 40% in your home language
  2. 50% in 4 subjects
  3. 30% in 2 other subjects

Diploma Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  1. 40% in your home language
  2. 40% in 4 subjects
  3. 30% in 2 other subjects

Higher Certificate Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  1. 40% in your home language
  2. 40% in 2 subjects
  3. 30% in 3 other subjects

National Senior Certificate Pass

You must obtain a minimum of:

  1. 40% in your home language
  2. 40% in 2 other subjects
  3. 30% in other subjects

Watch our CEO of Matric College, Jan Badenhorst, speak about Matric pass requirements

Is 75 A Distinction In Matric?

No, 75% is not a distinction pass in Matric. 75% is a distinction pass at a university level. To receive a distinction pass for Matric, you must get a mark of 80% and above.

Can You Pass Matric With 6 Subjects?

Yes, you can pass Matric with six (6) subjects. You are required to have seven (7) subjects to study Matric in high school. From the seven subjects, you pass Matric if you pass six subjects. However, it is better to pass all seven subjects. This is good as it will help you when you apply to university. You will have a better chance of being accepted.

Do You Get A Matric Certificate If You Failed?

Yes, you receive a Matric Certificate even if you failed Matric. This helps you to easily identify the subjects you failed so that you can improve them.

Can I Download My Matric Statement?

No, you can not download your Matric statement of results. However, you can receive your Matric statement of results in one day. If you apply for your Matric statement of results today, they can be delivered to you the same day.

What Is The Difference Between A Matric Certificate And A Statement Of Results?

Matric CertificateMatric Statement Of Results
Permanent documentTemporary document
Used to apply for employment or universityUsed to book space at university
Takes four to eight weeks to printCan be printed in one day
It is a qualificationIt is not a qualification

Can A Person Repeat Matric?

Yes, a person can repeat Matric. You can do this through Matric College. We offer the Rewrite Matric course. This course is an opportunity for students to improve their results.

Rewrite Matric Entry Requirements:

  1. Already have a Matric
  2. Incomplete Matric
  3. Failed Matric
  4. Passed Matric that needs improvement
  5. Statement of results

How Many Times Can You Rewrite Matric?

    At Matric College, you can rewrite Matric as many times as you can. However, we know it is best for one to only rewrite their Matric once. This is why we provide you with the following academic support:
  1. Course Experts
  2. Support Team
  3. Past papers
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