MyNEVADA: A Practical Guide to UNR's Login Portal


MyNEVADA: A Practical Guide to UNR's Login Portal

MyNEVADA is the student portal for student information, enrollment, and academic records at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is constructed using the PeopleSoft Oracle architecture.

Admissions, course registration, grades, class roster and schedule management, tuition payment processing, checking your UNR Academic Calendar, updating personal information, and other activities are all available through MyNEVADA.

How to access myNEVADA

To get to myNEVADA,
  1. Navigate to
  2. On the login page,Enter your NSHE ID if you are a student.
  3. Faculty and Staff can log in with their NetID.
  4. Next, enter the password associated with your account.
  5. Click on the Sign In button to access your dashboard.
  6. If you encounter issues in MyNevada, clear your browser cache and try again.
How to access myNEVADA

You can handle your responsibilities as a student via MyNEVADA's navigation tiles, which include anything from paying bills to signing up for classes.

Anytime you like, you can go back to your student homepage by selecting the "Home" button or link in your navigation banner.

There is a grid of topic-based navigation tiles and related icons on the Student Homepage. Three rows of options, including "Enrollment," "Finances," "Tasks," "Personal Information," and others, make up the typical grid, which is a 33.

You might play numerous roles as a student on campus, and MyNEVADA enables each role to have an own Homepage. From the drop-down menu in the MyNEVADA navigation bar, these roles can be chosen.

You can use this drop-down option to switch between your several Homepages based on your access.

How to sign up for a MyNEVADA account

Nevada NSHE ID is a 10-digit number (e.g. 8000123456) for All students and applicants to access MyNEVADA, UNR Email, UNR Canvas, etc. NSHE stands for Nevada System of Higher Education.

After you have successfully submitted your application to the University of Nevada, Reno, you will receive an Application Acknowledgement communication with your NSHE ID and Application Number – typically within 3-5 business days.

Once you have received this information, you are ready to activate your User Account.

To activate your account,

Navigate to MyNEVADA login page.
  1. From this page, click the Activate MyNEVADA User Account link.
  2. This will direct you to the Activate Your Account page.
  3. In order to activate, you must fill in the minimum required information (noted with the * symbol).
  4. When entering your name, please use your name as it appears on official documentation. Alumni or former student should enter their names as existed during their days at the University.
  5. If you have changed your name since you attended and have not updated your name at any Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institution, the system may not be able to find you under your current name.

How to activate your NetID

erThe NetID (Network Identification) is a unique username that is automatically generated for all current students, faculty and staff of the University of Nevada, Reno. You must activate your NetID when you first arrive at the University and then reset the password at least once a year aftwards.
  1. To activate your NetID, navigate to the Identity Portal,
  2. Select Activate my NetID.
  3. Enter your NSHE ID Number, which you received during the application acceptance and class registration process. If you are a staff, enter your Employee ID Number (Which can be found in UNR Workday). In order for the system to properly process your Employee ID number, it must be entered with the formatting e000123456, this identifies you as an employee rather than a student.
  4. During the activation process, you will be asked to create a password. You will use this password anytime you use your NetID username.
  5. Once the activation process is completed, you will be given your NetID username.
  6. Once you receive your NetID username, you will be able to use it immediately on the most University of Nevada, Redo systems.

How to reset your NetID password via the online identity portal

If you remember the previous password for your NetID,

  1. Navigate to the Identity Portal.
  2. From that page, click on Reset NetID Password.
  3. Enter your NetID and current Password then click Log On.
  • The next page is where you will do the reset. Fill out your current password, then create a new password. Your new password should meet the following requirements:
    • The password must be 8 characters or more.
    • The password may not contain any part of your name.
    • The password must contain at least three of the following character types:
      • An upper case letter (A…Z)
      • A lower case letter (a…z)
      • A number (0…9)
      • A symbol (!,$#%)
    • You cannot use any of your previous 4 NetID passwords.
    • You will need to change your password every 365 days. If you have a PCI-enabled NetID you will need to change your NetID password every 90 days instead of 365 days and you cannot use any of your previous 24 NetID passwords when resetting.
  1. Click Submit when you are done.
  2.  If the page says “Success!” you have successfully changed your password. If the page says “Failed to change your password” try again with a different password.
    • You have 4 attempts to create a new password before the system locks the account for 10 minutes
  3. If you do not remember your previous password, on Step 2, click Forgot Password this will take you to a screen where you can then get a temporary password sent to you as long as you set up this option upon NetID activation. From there, you will be able to continue with the above directions using the temporary code provided as your Current NetID Password. 

If on Step 2 when selecting Forgot Password and receive an error message that says “You have not enrolled in Self Help”, please contact the UNR OIT Support Center to get your password reset. 

UNR email account

The University of Nevada, Reno’s student email is a service powered by Google in accordance with an agreement signed by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE).

While Google hosts the service, the domain name “” is the property and responsibility of the University.

Students at the University of Nevada, Reno are eligible for an email account powered by Google Apps for Education. UNR email address is in the form of Once the email has been created, it can be accessed via

To be eligible a user must be currently term activated (eligible to enrol or enrolled in current or subsequent semester) or have completed 6 or more credits.

UNR email eligibility will be assessed every semester and those not meeting the minimum requirement may have their account de-activated.

Once the 6 or more credits requirement is satisfied, the email account is usable by the user as long as NSHE maintains the system-wide agreement with Google and the user does not voluntarily give up the right.

After you graduate or leave the University, your email account will remain active. The email address and password are separate from your NetID username and password and are set up separately when you register for the email account. There is no change of email address, or loss of storage space and all of your files and emails will remain accessible.

NOTE: The student G-Suite account may not have all the features a regular Google account has. Some Google features are unavailable because of accessibility, financial, or personnel overhead requirements.

How to reset your student email password

In order to reset your email account password, you will need to log into MyNEVADA. If you are having issues logging into MyNEVADA, contact the OIT Support Center

  1. Go to and log in with your NSHE ID number and password, then click Sign in.
  2. From your Homepage Student or Alumni Homepage (depending on your status with the University) – click on the Personal Information tile.
  3. Use the Your Account navigation on the left-hand side menu to view your User Profile options.
  4. In the Campus Email section of the User Profile page select the Forgot Password link.
  5. On the “Forgot Campus Email Password” screen click on the Reset My Campus Email Password button.
  6. Your page will refresh and you will see the temporary password. Copy the temporary password and click on the link in the top paragraph.
  7. Enter your email address and click Next. On the next screen enter your temporary password and click Next.
  8. You will now be prompted to change your password. The system will not allow you to use any of your previous passwords.

How to log into UNR Canvas

UNR Canvas, also known as WebCampus is a Learning management system supported by the Office of Digital Learning at the University of Nevada Reno.

UNR Faculty, staff, and students can log into WebCampus with their NetID and password.

  1. To access UNR Canvas;Navigate to
  2. Click on the large button on the page.
  3. This will redirect you to the login page.
  4. On the login page,enter your UNR NetID
  5. enter your password
Click on the Sign In button to access your UNR canvas dashboard.
How to log into UNR Canvas

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