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What are, Huawei phones? A brief overview of the, company and its smartphones.


If there’s one Chinese phone whole of that you may bear in mind, it’s Huawei. The super-giant technical school company may be a vast player, second solely to Samsung within the mobile market.

Huawei oftentimes makes the news, each the technical school news and international, whether or not that’s for launching new, super-powerful camera phones, or for obtaining illegal from the USA by Donald Trump.

Much of the company’s business issues hardware, as well as smartphones, watches, tablets and a lot of, however it’s conjointly huge on infrastructure, since it’s a part of the push to line up 5G networks in countr ies round the globe.

We won’t be delving into the infrastructure facet of Huawei, nor can we have a tendency to explore accusations levelled at the corporate for spying for the Chinese government or alternative such allegations. Here, the main focus are going to be the brand’s smartphones and shopper technical school.

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